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Years Of Experience

Knowing About PiWheel

In PiWheel we had a journey of dream starting by choosing our brand name which represent the magic of science behind “Pi” 𝜋, and the effect of knowledge by inventing the “Wheel” which helped dramatically to change the industry adding a lot to humanity, passing through crafting our Logo, selecting our team, and more In PiWheel we believe that our dream has start point but has no end.


We aim to be the most effective e-learning solution which can really change the world by improving the humanity


To increase everyone’s Knowledge, Experience, and make that reflecting on lifestyle

Our Story

We started working on the PiWheel platform in 2018. We took our time and effort in order to make an effective platform for Instructors and students as well. Taking into consideration all problems people face in e-learning platforms.

After covid-19 the opportunity for everyone has increased. We aim to help you digitize your work and join the hype and also create a real impact in student’s lives by helping them with an easy platform & assure valuable content delivery with human interaction and a follow-up system!

Our Core Values


We believe that all humans are equal and all human has the rights of knowledge and getting better life

Continuous Learning

We believe that Learning & Knowledge is the only way to achieve better life


There is a big difference between “Space Scientist'' and “Astronaut” which is the Experience that can fill the gap between theoretical knowledge and real life


Not everyone have experienced the real situations, but those who had the chance can share their own experience to make others always ready this is what we call it “Teamwork Spirit”


We believe “Quality” is the keyword, as the quality of life needs quality of income, which will never be earned without the quality of Learning

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Winning Awward

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